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Sassy’s Red House came to life through finding the perfect BBQ sauce. Sassy Jones BBQ Sauce is made in the southern tradition and is the best around! The recipes for Sassy’s BBQ sauces and spices have been passed down for generations. The sauce was developed by Sassy Jones’ grandfather, Jasper Jones, in 1895. This sauce is good on PORK, BEEF, CHICKEN, DOVE, QUAIL, DUCK, GOAT, LAMB, RABBIT, SQUIRREL, DEER, COON, POSSUM, SHRIMP, CATFISH, CRAWFISH, OYSTERS, ARMADILLO, RATTLESNAKE, AND ANYTHING ELSE YOU WANNA PUT IT ON! Sassy’s sauce is the BBQ SAUCE! It is some DANG GOOD STUFF!! At the Red House we strive every day to bring a great product to our customers. We wanted to offer a BBQ place that was for everyone, so you will notice our menu has a little bit of everything. Sorry no RATTLESNAKE. We ask all our customers for one favor… IF YOU LIKE SASSY’S RED HOUSE, TELL A FRIEND. IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT, TELL US!


Feeding 10 or 500 people? No catering job is too big for Sassy’s! Whether it’s tailgating or holidays, let Sassy’s cater your next big event. Fill out the form below, or click the email link to get a catering quote today.

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Never forget in 2010 day we played Alabama, this guy calling me because the racks on the smoker had flipped and all our meat was in the bottom of the smoker on a GAMEDAY! His voice saying “we’re f’d!” over and over before I even said a word was one of those phone calls I’ll never forget! We still made it happen and probably one of the busiest days ever back then!  If you know the great 🐼🐼, you love him! Thanks for stopping by @jameswoods174! Like I told him, one of those wish someone told you when you were in the good old days moments. It was tough getting started but miss those days and everyone that helped get us off the ground and on the map. Thanks all y’all that were there!
Bad day to be a beef rib! Come have some today and every Thursday!
Another one officially leaving us today! Thanks so much @julierwynne for all your time here at Sassy’s! Sorry I just learned your name but doesn’t mean I don’t love and appreciate you! 😂 Awesome you and Syd are reuniting in Dallas and sure everyone will be coming to visit! Enjoy all the espressos and thanks again for making all those bar regulars happy to come see you! We’ll miss ya!
Ya know what day it is! Time for some pork belly burnt ends! Love the guy seeing me taking the pictures ran to his server and was like “crap I forgot it’s burnt ends day! I want those!” Grab em before they’re gone!
Not only do we want to wish Julie a happy birthday, but this Wednesday is her last day with us. She is loved by all and we will miss her so much. On to bigger and better things! Yall come out and see her for her last week. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JULIE 🥳🩷🤠🐷
serving pork belly burnt ends until we sell out 😋 get them while you can!
we’re baaaack 🤭 come see us for our great drink deals and even better BBQ 🫡🫶🏼🐷
When Coach Muss and Z texted me this a couple nights ago I was hesitant to post but since he put it out there.. thanks @ericpmusselman for still representing Sassy’s! Happy for you and happy @coachcalark is here to keep it going! Coach Cal, we’ll definitely be getting you one of those! Have a great 4th! 🇺🇸🇺🇸
Reminder Sassy’s is closed today so I can blow some stuff up with this kid and our employees can act fools all day. Haa. Just kidding I’m sure they’re all gonna be very responsible. Y’all have a great day and we’ll be back at it tomorrow! Turn that new @zachlanebryan up as loud as it can go and make it the best 4th yet!

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