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Sassy’s Red House came to life through finding the perfect BBQ sauce. Sassy Jones BBQ Sauce is made in the southern tradition and is the best around! The recipes for Sassy’s BBQ sauces and spices have been passed down for generations. The sauce was developed by Sassy Jones’ grandfather, Jasper Jones, in 1895. This sauce is good on PORK, BEEF, CHICKEN, DOVE, QUAIL, DUCK, GOAT, LAMB, RABBIT, SQUIRREL, DEER, COON, POSSUM, SHRIMP, CATFISH, CRAWFISH, OYSTERS, ARMADILLO, RATTLESNAKE, AND ANYTHING ELSE YOU WANNA PUT IT ON! Sassy’s sauce is the BBQ SAUCE! It is some DANG GOOD STUFF!! At the Red House we strive every day to bring a great product to our customers. We wanted to offer a BBQ place that was for everyone, so you will notice our menu has a little bit of everything. Sorry no RATTLESNAKE. We ask all our customers for one favor… IF YOU LIKE SASSY’S RED HOUSE, TELL A FRIEND. IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT, TELL US!


Feeding 10 or 500 people? No catering job is too big for Sassy’s! Whether it’s tailgating or holidays, let Sassy’s cater your next big event. Fill out the form below, or click the email link to get a catering quote today.

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Love our GM caught these sweet babies getting their pic out in front of Sassy’s! My managers can tell how many times I say “the kids decide where to go eat, so we have to make it fun for the kids!” Kids eat FREE still on Wednesday!
Pork Belly Burnt End Monday back again! Come get em before they’re gone!
our favorite day of the week! $2 PBR, Montucky, and Busch cans, $3 Fireball and Jäeger, and the best servers in town! come see us tonight 🤠❤️‍🔥🐷
Thursdays are now for BEEF BACK RIBS! Come try em before we sell out!
Welcome to the show BEEF BACK RIBS. We’ll start having these on Thursdays! Today is first day, so we didn’t smoke a ton. We will sell out quick so come try em!
Back next Monday! Don’t miss out! Pork Belly Burnt Ends.
Monday at the Red House! Pork Belly Burnt Ends!
Monday is now my favorite day because I get to taste test these every Monday from now on. Pork Belly Burnt Ends every MONDAY at the Red House only for now! Try some today! Promise they’re amazing!
Sad to report a squirrel lost its life in our power issue situation. RIP friend, but SWEPCO saved the day and all is restored to be open for regular business tomorrow at 11:00 AM. 🐿️🐿️

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